Four Seasons in Tateshina

Spring Fresh Greenery
The Japan Alps soar in the presence, and Yatsugatake, which defines the Tateshina plateau, invites you with a comfortable breeze and soft sunlight.

Fresh green

Mountain stream angling
Mountain stream angling
Angle for char in a stream. Extra fee.....includes guide, rental of fishing poles and bait.


Summer The alpine flora is in full bloom. The plateau is beautifully colored, and wispy, white clouds roll down the plateau.
Japanese alpine plant


Autumn The autumn tint that dyes the trees, and leaves of true red, merge together with the blue heavens. As you walk upon a carpet of leaves a feeling of peacefulness envelopes your soul.
Autumn tints


 Winter  During the winter season, this are averages over 80% of fine days, so you can fully enjoy winter sports and outdoor activities.
Snowshoe  Trekking

You can enjoy soft, white snow and blue skies from mid-December to the end of March. Terrains vary from ridges and steep slopes, to forests and frozen ponds.
Why don't you try one of our snowshoeing tours? You will see unparalleled natural spectacles. One day snowshoe trekking, with guide is 6,800yen/4,300yen for children. Price includes lunch, insurance and rental equipment.



The best season for skiing and snowboarding is between the middle of December and the end of March. The PILATUS ROPEWAY will easily bring you to the top of the ski slopes, where you can start the 4Km run down to the bottom. Rental fee of Skis, or snowboard: 2,700yen/day. (2,200yen/child) Rental ski suits are also available for 2,000yen/day.(1,500yen/child)



All Seasons There are many hot spas located in this area. Experience the tranquility of an open-air hot spring.