Three bedded rooms are available. The room is decorated with dry flowers, using the flowers found in the plateau, and some pictures. There are "Laura Ashley's" curtains and down-feathered bed covers for a comfortable sleep.

The lounge is Japanese style. It is a place to meet the other guests and have international exchange.

The internet connection in the lounge.

Music boxes made by the owner's father. These handmade music boxes decorate the POEM, and are available for sale, at the reasonable price.
The owner is displaying some homemade smoked bacon. The bacon is smoked using wood chips of cherry blossom trees, which give it a unique and savoury flavour. The ham is also homemade.
Mom is making delicious petite-roll bread. (she uses homegrown herbs, walnuts, sesame seeds, etc...), and soft French bread. The pizza is also a favoured delicacy.