Are you tired of the usual sightseeing in Japan, only the big city or overcrowded amusement parks? Conventional Japan can be found in the country, away from the big city.
Come relax the mind and body from the chaos of the big city at POEM. Let nature embrace you and leave you with a refreshed feeling. Experience the natural beauty during all four seasons. POEM can help.
Charges include dinner, a night's stay and breakfast the following morning. The meals are usually western style and are the Chef's choice. Special dinners, such as "SUKIYAKI”, a traditional Japanese dish, is also available upon request. If such a meal is desired, please mention this when making reservation. (These special meals are only available to groups of four or more people)
Guided nature tours of the surrounding area are also available for a small fee.
Free high speed, easy interest access is via Ethernet at the POEM. If your computer has a wireless LAN system, you can access the anywhere in the POEM. Also, an Ethernet connection with LAN cable can be accessed in the lounge.
(We are not an expert of computer systems, so highly complicated connection problems can not be always entertained. All guests can use our PC in the lounge.)
Together, we can overcome the difficulties of communicating in another language. We’ll open our hearts to help you enjoy your stay.

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